Viewing documentation

To view documentation, simply navigate to a model within your project. The extension pane will automatically change to show the relevant model and column descriptions.

On startup, you may see a loading screen for a few seconds. Our extension needs both the catalog.json and manifest.json to work, so it needs to create these files by instructing your machine to run dbt commands.

Editing documentation

To edit documentation, make changes to the model and column description fields in the extension pane, and then press Save. Your updates will be automatically saved to the correct YAML file, or a new one will be created if necessary. After saving, you will see a notification in the bottom right of your screen indicating that the changes have been applied and allowing you to view them. Click the View Changes button to open a diff view of the updated YAML file.

If you edit a model, you must materialize your changes (i.e. run dbt run) and then press the button at the top of the extension to update your columns.