How to Deploy

Once your project is ready, you can run your transforms, metrics aggregations and enrichments using the CLI command:

vinyl project deploy

After a successful run, the project data is now ready to be served. Data can either be compressed and optimized for sub second queries or serve via a passthrough to your data sources directly.

Run the following to serve your project (default postgres port is 5432 and the HTTP API is 5000):

vinyl project serve

Deployment Options

  • Local Deployment - projects can be ran locally without additional dependencies. This is recommended for development on small datasets.
  • Docker - use our docker image to deploy your project to any cloud provider or on-premise.
  • Turntable Cloud - leverage memory-optimized compute, storage and GPUs for fast data workflows and low latency queries


We plan to publish official performance benchmarking soon. In our latest internal tests, Vinyl is able to query projects with 100M rows in 300-500ms on a RD7 AWS EC2 instance.